About Us

PRYNTR was born out of a desire to make products we liked and wear apparel we had created. The process of making it happen was confusing, to say the least. We assumed that if we were confused, it would be that way for so many people. 


As a result, we decided to make getting merch and apparel created easier for everyone. It started with us creating for friends and family and quickly grew into what it is today. From its beginning, the learning curve has been huge. We started with a $40 screen printing kit from Wish in a crowded back room of our house, and now we are constantly blown away at where we are today. 


We have had so many amazing opportunities along the way. Each new client has led us down avenues we could have only dreamed of. We love every chance we get to help others see their ideas come to life. In it all, we are committed to growth and look forward to what’s ahead.


Ben & Jade Green
Owners of PRYNTR

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